Three Rapeugees assault and brutally victimize a 13-year old girl for over 30-hours. Where did this happen?

Over in Germany. Where else. These Religion of Pieces filth are among those pity-the-poor souls RefuJihadis that Angela Merkel has been letting into her nation to the tune of 1.1-Million+some.

The little girl was kidnapped while on her way to school. She was blindfolded and torturously raped, over and over and over again. Then she was raped some more. When they were done using her, they dropped her back off a school.

The child was then raped by Angela Merkel. You see, Merkel is afraid that any mention of any crime committed by the Islamic pigs will make the Muslim populace look bad, ergo she looks bad. So, the justice the family received, as reported by Epoch Times was, “After the police investigation, there was neither abduction nor rape.”

“So, in plain German, a 13-year old girl had consensual sex with three ‘southern’ men,” said a member of the young girl’s family. The rapists are not, and likely will not be arrested.

Mad World News has reported that Germany’s, “domestic rule is—better to let him run away,” according to federal officer, Bernd K.  In fact, the more violent the more hands-off law enforcement’s approach is to be, per “superior orders.”

This filth is coming here. Obama, in the wake of Brussels doubled-down and said 100-THOUSAND will be allowed to immigrate in.

We can only imagine how his DOJ plans to handle this kind of violence. Chances are they will take a page from Merkel and do nothing. Unlike Germans, and the rest of EU citizens, Americans are not lemmings.

So, the Rape-U-Jihadis need to think twice about setting foot on our shores.

Source: Mad World News

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