Bernie Sanders a “RADICAL”, more precisely a 1960’s radical! When burning draft cards, protesting the war in Viet Nam and chaining yourself to the entrance way of a recruiting offices and singing “all we are saying, is give peace a chance” was the progressive thing to do.

To prove Bernie was indeed a part of the “protest 60’s generation” an old black and white photo has been uncovered, and it seems Bernie was for social justice long before it was cool.

A Chicago Tribune archival photo of a young man being arrested in 1963 at a South Side protest is Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, his campaign has confirmed, bolstering the candidate’s narrative about his civil rights activism.

The photo shows 21-year-old Sanders, then a University of Chicago student, being taken by Chicago police toward a police wagon.


An acetate negative of the photo was found in the Tribune’s archives, said Marianne Mother, a Chicago Tribune photo editor.

The incident took place at an Aug. 12, 1963 demonstration being held against the Chicago public school system, which was planning to open a school for black students using mobile units known as “Willis Wagons.”

Sanders was at the time a chapter president of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) at the University of Chicago.

Obviously whether you agree with ol Bernie or not, there’s no disputing he’s been a Socialist all his life.

See young Bernie throwing a fit while getting busted in the video below:

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