After the countless terrorist attacks, violence, rapes, and other crime and chaos have been spread by massive Muslim immigration many Americans are more than a little fed up with the Islamic religion. Two patriots in particular made sure to take action and demonstrate just how they feel about this violent religion.

The two Wyoming patriots decided to have a little demonstration with the Quran to express how fed up they are. A video was taken of the two Wyoming residents and posted to social media – and let's just say Muslims everywhere are more than just a little fed up with what they saw.

The two people in the video, who are members of the Americans for a Secure Wyoming, set up a sort of rally that they called the "Ban Islam in Wyoming Rally."

They rally was held to protest a functioning mosque in their local community. Needless to say the two were not in favor of the mosque and they definitely didn't support the religion that it preaches.

To make sure that their message was heard loud and clear they set up in Gillette, Wyoming at Camplex Park to explain what they feel Muslims are doing to our country and the rest of the world.

As of now Gillette has a very small Muslim population, but these few members wanted to make sure that any Muslims thinking about moving there were not welcome. They did so by tearing up and burning a Quran.

As soon as word spread about what members Chelsea and Jon were doing Muslims quickly expressed their extreme disapproval. Like always, liberals – led in this case by leftist Mayor Louise Carter King, denounced the two and pleaded with Americans for a Secure Wyoming to "reconsider" their protest, specifically the burning of the Quran.

Muslims continue to carry out these terrible atrocities and continue to prove that they do not wish to assimilate into the countries that take them in. Instead they would rather force Sharia law down everyone's throat and demand special treatment.

Naturally, as a result the Muslim community has been losing support rapidly. Perhaps if so many Muslims stopped raping and pillaging every place they go, there might not be such strong animosity towards them.

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Source: Mad World News



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