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Following scripture for most practicing Christians isn’t a problem, the “good book” teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves, to practice kindness and to be tolerant of those that unjustly judge us, and for the most part turning the other cheek, usually means to simply walk away from those things that we cannot control.

And although every day Christians seldom engage in discourse, those pastors like Joshua Feuerstein; a fiery evangelist isn’t shy about expressing his opinions such as the 2015 same-sex marriage legislation in the United States or Starbucks’ red holiday cups.

The good pastor whether one agrees or not with his reading of scripture, has posted countless videos on social media, which needless to say has received a lot of media attention mostly by secular progressives who claim that Pastor Feuerstein was encouraging violent actions against those that hold counter views on same-sex marriage.

However Pastor Feuerstein’s claim that the Obama government has waged a continuous campaign against Christianity cannot be denied, in that practicing Christians are being vilified and forced to relinquish their beliefs or face “jail time” as in the well publicized Hitching Post Wedding Chapel dispute where people of faith refused to perform a same-sex marriage…obviously this is an extremely emotional issue.

Which drew a response from the good pastor reminding those that attempt to silence him that his ”First Amendment right is guaranteed by my Second Amendment right.”

Which apparently the loony left including BLM found “disturbing” an which the good pastor has a particular message directed squarely towards the hate group who attack police officers…turning the other cheek apparently isn’t something this pastor practices to often.

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