The expression “The south shall rise again” is a term that has been used throughout our history, it has been used both as a political slogan, as a football battle cry, and even within the 2002  romantic comedy movie “Sweet Home Alabama”. And while that slogan dates back to a turbulent past, the term is simply that of “southern pride”.

And so when an 8-mile convoy of pickup trucks, motorcycles and an assortment of cars snakes through central Florida and into town to show their support for the Confederate flag, that’s making a powerful statement of pride and of heritage, and a direct response to those talking politically correct heads that have purposely used a historic “AMERICAN SYMBOL” to once again divide a nation along racial lines.

And when over 1,500 vehicles with some 4,500 people with their horns blaring and rebel flags fluttering in the wind, that’s hard to ignore. The rally was held in Ocala Florida and organized by David Stone and dubbed "Florida Southern Pride Ride".

Mr. Stone speaking about the controversy said; "It doesn't symbolize hate unless you think it's hate, and that's your problem, not mine.”

No doubt that the attempted banishment from public landmarks, and monuments all across the south of the Confederate flag was an opportunity for progressives to use the tragic murders by a deranged racist, to target and vilify those that aren’t on the Obama bandwagon, and “southern pride” is something that progressives find offensive, similar to their discomfort with those within the Christian faith.

It wasn’t all that long ago when the Obama White House used both the Justice Department and the IRS to target conservatives, or anyone who disagrees with his policies.

However this time a sizable backlash is beginning to take hold and many southern states are beginning to push back. To many the Confederate flag is an honorable symbol of regional pride, a mark of respect for Southern soldiers who died in the American Civil War.

Source: Reuters

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