French beaches are known for the scantily clad, or even nude sunbathers. It is just a cultural norm for the French people.

In fact, you can sunbathe in parks, as was the case with 21-year old Angelique Sloss, clothed in a teeny weeny bikini. She and two friends kicked back on the grass at the Parc Leo-Lagrange in the city of Reims to catch a few rays.

They were sunning themselves and minding their own business when their dreamy, hazy thoughts were interrupted.

Five Muslim women, between the ages of 16 and 24 decided that they needed to lay down some Sharia Law style enforcement on Sloss and her friends.  The Muslim women approached the sunning ladies and proceeded to inform them that they were behaving in an “immoral” fashion.

They needed to, “Get dressed, it’s not summer.” As you can imagine, an exchange of words occurred. Never people to miss an opportunity to abuse someone else, the Muslim women decided to jump the bikini girls and proceeded to assault them. The Muslim jackals were arrested.

The French were not happy. Given that their nation just experienced a terror attack in Paris at the hands of Muslim ingrates, they responded.

Their tools were not violent, however. Instead, they organized a peaceful demonstration at the place of the assault and all were invited to sport a bikini. The event spread and news of it made its way to the Twitter-verse.

The sad part of this is that even though France is coming to grips with the thug Muslims they’ve allowed into their country, they refused to do anything about it.

Aside from the arrest, the French Law enforcement of the city of Reims is denying the attack was a hate crime.

What is it going to take before France, and the rest of the world, wake-up to the fact that they enemy is at the gate, if not already within?

Source: Mad World News


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