James Cooper, the father of deceased 18-year old Quinn Cooper killed in the terrorist attack at Umpqua CC, was not allowed to attend the presidential meeting with families, and was turned away by the FBI and the Secret Service. He cannot bring himself to believe the president,

“…of the whole United State has denied a grieving father the right to see what’s going on and the right to see.”

He also believes Obama had a different agenda; gun control.

While he and Quinn’s mother are divorced, it does not appear as though this is a domestic dispute between ex-es, because, James has attended the other events held for the victims and families since the shooting.

Unfortunately for the Quinn’s, the community, and the rest of us who are wondering why a distraught father was banned from the place where the POTUS was supposed to provide too-little-too-late comfort, there has been no response from the Obama Administration, the FBI, or the Secret Service.


Transparent, as always.

We are so very sorry for your loss, Mr. Quinn. May your son rest in peace and may your heart find comfort in knowing the rest of the nation mourns your loss.

Source: BizPacReview


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