Illegal immigrants aren't usually known for their savvy understanding of the laws of the United States, a fact that proved lucky for California police and unlucky for a would-be California car jacker.

According to police reports, a woman in Bell Gardens, California was vacuuming out her car at a car wash when an illegal immigrant, Jorge Martinez, came up and stole her car. Martinez then drove away presumably looking for a safe place to park and go through the woman's stuff.

That safe place happened to be between two police cars that were illegally parked in the middle of the street. The officers were inside a nearby home investigating a domestic disturbance and hadn't pulled the cars up to the curb.

In a hilarious video caught on the police officer's dash cam, Martinez carefully parallel parks the stolen car between the two patrol cars, gets out and faces the camera to inspect his parking job, and then begins rifling through the woman's trunk--directly in front of the police cars.

When the officers came out, they laughed at the car wedged between their two patrol cars, but ran the plates anyway. From there it was a simple matter to match the suspect's face and work to his arrest.

h/t: Live Leak



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