Recently, in Peebles, Ohio, a family of eight was murdered in their homes. The family was spread across four residences and with the exception of an infant and two other children, everyone else aged 16+ was shot and killed.

Clearly, this family was targeted. It has come to light that these folks had a pot growing operation across the four properties. Compound this with the execution style murders of most of the family members, and there is a chance that this was some sort of drug underworld hit job.

Needless to say the community is unsettled. If the family in question was involved with drug running, or even cartel business, then they endangered their neighbors and their community.

Pike County Sheriff, Charles Reader is telling folks that they have a Second Amendment, and they need to be willing to exercise it, because law enforcement has nobody in custody and no suspects at this time.

“I can tell you if you are fearful, arm yourself,” said the Sheriff. “If you feel that you need to protect yourself or your family do so, and contact the local law enforcement to come and respond to it.”

He is spot on. We have the right to defend ourselves. In fact, we are mandated to do so. The Second Amendment was not an “if you feel like it” statement.

It was a directive in the sense that it is our God given right to defend ourselves (and it is not limited to guns because you can arm yourself with a rock if you have to), but it also our responsibility to do so.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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