It’s no secret that the “no borders” policy of the European Union championed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel has created an economic, cultural and public safety crisis on the continent that has left local authorities enforcing increasingly unpopular policies forced upon them by central government.

Designed to remake the face of Western Civilization in Europe, the policy of welcoming millions of Muslim migrants from the Middle East without vetting and without sufficient infrastructure including housing, health care, education and employment in place, exacerbated a culture clash that saw native-born nationals being forced to accommodate practices and behaviors that were not only foreign, but abhorrent to them.

Segregating public spaces, such as swimming pools, by gender is now required in order to honor the practice of Muslims. Traditional female genital mutilation of young girls, underage marriage and even the creation of parallel legal systems under Sharia law have become touchstones to demonstrate “acceptance” of the Muslim migrants.

For millennia, only a conquering force could command assimilation and adaptation by the native population, whereas migrants moved to a new country to become a part of it, adopting most of its social and cultural norms in order to flourish and succeed in their new home.

But, amid surging crime rates and terror attacks across Europe and the United Kingdom that has seen a French priest murdered on the altar of a Catholic church, passengers on a German train attacked with a machete, shoppers in malls, and families enjoying a patriotic fireworks display mowed down, the people have begun to fight back.

With the surprising Brexit vote in Britain last June, by which the country voted to leave the EU, the equally surprising victory of Donald “Build a Wall” Trump and the strong showing of conservative Marine Le Pen in the French primaries, the citizenry are voting, “Enough!”

It may be that gross overstepping by local authorities, such as those seen in the video clip, has furthered the backlash against central government forcing migrants on local communities – certainly the sight of an 80-year-old man being intimidated by officers cannot help their cause.

The elderly man, Luigi Fogli, runs a hotel in Italy, and even considered participating in a government reimbursement scheme that pays owners of inns, Bed & Breakfasts and hotels for housing refugees before being told the compensation is only 7 Euros per night.

Instead, he was forced to provide housing to migrants without any compensation whatsoever, as the local government simply seized his hotel and installed the migrants against his will – even as he tried to physically resist.

A video has been released showing Fogli attempting to place himself in the doorway, as he shouted, “This is not yours! No, they won’t come inside!”

The young officers claimed they were only doing what they had been told – only following orders, as they pushed past him with the migrants, but when he refused to provide them with keys to the hotel rooms, the officers threatened to use force to break in to the rooms.

There are reports that this type of heavy-handed local enforcement of EU open border policy is not unusual throughout Europe – which may be borne out by the turning tide of popular opinion about the Muslim migrants themselves and the politicians foisting them upon their citizenry.


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