Perhaps some may view this incident as a race issue, however more likely than not; it’s simply another incident of poor upbringing within a society that has slowly lost all sense of dignity and basic respect for one another. Race is simply an excuse to be used to solve any alleged grievance that someone feels. In this incident a black teenager felt justified in punching a white bus driver.

The clip was captured on a bus camera, and showed the black teen getting on the bus, he doesn't have a student ID, and pays the fare. However the dust-up began when another student comes on board with a valid ID, however without a mandatory sticker, and is asked to also pay or leave the bus.

However within a few minutes the bus driver opens the door and allows the youngster back on the bus, telling him “You better have a sticker tomorrow or you’ll have to pay.”

This action by the driver prompted the black teen to accuse the bus driver of being racist.

The bus driver responded “How is that racist? You have no ID whatsoever, he has an ID, he has no sticker. He has an ID.”

The back and forth escalated and a threat was made by the black teen to punch the bus driver in the face, he was ordered off the bus for making that threat, and as he was about to leave, he punched the bus driver in the face.

Source: BPR


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