President Obama is once again sticking his hands into police-civilian relations but this time it's with changes to the uniforms and other equipment that police officers use on a daily basis.

Obama has enacted an equipment ban on police departments around the country limiting the weapons, equipment, and supplies that police officers can order and have available in times of need.

As part of the equipment change, Obama has asked that police uniforms be "softer," saying that right now police uniforms are intimidating and frightening to civilians. Along with that desire for "softer" uniforms, Obama has specifically targeted helmets and riot shields as equipment items that create tension between police and civilians.

Other items on the list of banned equipment and weapons make more sense, for example police officers wouldn't have access to grenade launchers or "tracked armored vehicles" (read tanks). Banning the police from possessing things like a grenade launcher makes some sense. If the police are in a situation where they desperately need a grenade launcher, it's time to call the National Guard or the Army.

However, by taking away helmets and riot shields from the brave officers who face riots and angry mobs on a daily basis, Obama is literally saying that their lives matter less than the people who are rioting.

We need a President who isn't afraid to let the police do their job and isn't afraid to let the police be intimidating when they have to.

h/t: Western Journalism

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