Perhaps no president within recent modern-day history has been the subject of more innuendo, speculation and rumor swirling around him then Barack Obama. Rumors of him being born in Kenya, of being gay, and perhaps the most persistent rumor of all being a crack smoking addict. However the one thing we do know is that Obama still likes to take a puff of a cigarette, which suggests a lack of self-control and perhaps trouble braking bad habits.

Couple that with the coordinated efforts by the White House to seal college records, birth certificates, and other important documents from the public and a desire to keep his formative years secret at almost any cost

So when an old high school classmate who hasn’t been intimidated and frightened off by the Secret Service has the courage to come forward like  Mia Marie Pope, and drops a bombshell concerning how our current president identified himself in high school that’s news.

In a recent interview she details having grown up in Hawaii, she knew Obama as a slightly older classmate who went by the name “Barry Soetoro,” a crack smoker who  identified himself as a foreigner and was very much intertwined with the gay community on the island of Oahu.

Pope went on to say that it was “common knowledge” among her circle of friends and other classmates that “Barry” wasn’t interested in anything to do with the opposite sex. “As a young girl, as a teenager, it was very clear to me that Barry was strictly into men.”

As far as the drug use, Pope painted a picture of the 70s when marijuana was fairly common but drugs such as cocaine were not. She said that when Barry would brag about having cocaine, which was odd due to the fact that her social circle was made up mostly of relatively broke islanders, it was likely the result of his sexual relations with wealthy white men

Obama openly admits to having had a drug problem when he was younger. He admits to having done pot, cocaine, and other drugs. Up until recently — he claims he quit.



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