There’s an old saying that says, “You can’t runaway from your past.” And it seems as Obama’s term is “thankfully winding down” that more and more of his past seem to be catching up to him.

Perhaps if these new revelations came to light “before” Obama became president it would have helped in discovering who the man behind the curtain really was, rather than these bits and pieces almost 8-years after “transforming America.”

The latest installment to the Obama puzzle comes from an Obama’s ex-girlfriend, who has written a “tell all” book about her relationships with the President.

Genevieve Cook, an Australian woman who was Barack’s most serious girlfriend before Michelle. Genevieve lived with Obama in the early 1980s, and kept a detailed diary of their time together.

Genevieve’s writings reveal that she saw many of the issues we have with Barack today.

She calls him out for being distant, telling him, “You carefully filter everything in your mind and heart.”

Essentially she is calling him out as nothing but a fake which we all know now to be the case.

Genevieve also predicts that Barack will marry a woman like Michelle. In 1984, she said she pictures Barack marrying a “very strong…black woman” who is also “a fighter.”

Perhaps these tiny revelations will someday unravel the enigma that is Obama for those historians, however for most of us it’s to little to late, the damage has already been done…of course the icing on the cake would be the unraveling of where this guy was actually born, in that anyone who truly loves America, would have governed as if he “truly loved America!”



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