“... a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself,” Barack Obama declared to the assembled members of the United Nations today.

Seizing on the moment of his last appearance at the international body in his capacity as president of the United States, Obama wasted no time in praising his own “accomplishments,” criticizing the United States, as well as the duly-nominated candidate of an American political party and – finally – promoting further globalization even in the face of rising opposition “from the populace.”

Just days after the U.S. was hit with multiple terror attacks on a single day at a Minnesota mall, a Marine charity run and a train station in New Jersey and a neighborhood in New York City, Obama said global security can be achieved with the help of international institutions like the U.N.

Rather than declaring the intention of the United States to protect itself and its citizens from the threat of Islamic terrorism, the president went into his “lecture mode,” calling those who want to limit the inflow of refugees who have not – and cannot be – thoroughly vetted before being granted entry, ignorant “bigots.”

Instead of pointing out that the Muslim terrorist who manufactured and planted the bombs at multiple locations in New Jersey and New York – designed to do maximum harm to innocent victims and instill terror in communities – was taken into custody by law enforcement authorities and provided immediate medical care for injuries sustained in a gunfight he initiated, Obama scolded the U.S. as “just one of many nations that needs to get beyond old divisions.”

The American president didn’t take the opportunity to invite, even demand that Arab allies unite  to fight Islamic terrorism, which threatens not only the U.S., but European nations like Germany, France, Belgium and Great Britain that are grappling with the social, economic, religious and political repercussions of unchecked immigration.

What Barack Obama did choose to say on the world stage today was that “powerful nations” like the United States “will have to accept constraints and give up some of their freedom.”

While his audience at the United Nations – where Iran sits on committees overseeing the protection of women’s rights and human rights – might have believed his rhetoric, no one who knows Americans believes we will give up our freedoms. Ever.

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