Have you ever heard of timed obsolescence? Or demolition by means of decay?

Each of things is “by-design.” Meaning you either purposely set up a situation that results in limited future functionality, or you willfully neglect something that requires maintenance.

In terms our military, Obama’s disdain and disregard for America’s heroes is palpable. Anybody remember the president putting our marines on umbrella duty, like a butler, a couple years back because they would “…look good next to us.”

During his State of Union fable, Obama stated the following; “The United States of America is the most powerful nation on earth. Period. Period. It’s even close [Freudian slip?] It’s not even close!”

The Joint Chiefs of Staff, who should have stood up and walked out at this point, looked less than impressed. No wonder our military has a morale problem. Even the Joint Chiefs are having issues with the Corruptor-in-Chief.

The expression on the men in the photo range from mildly entertained smirk from the officer at the upper left), subtle annoyance and boredom, and quizzical to the right.

In the front row you have what appears to be the look of disbelief on its way to a head shake, WTF mixed with daggers to the right of him, incredulity, and irritation to round it all out.

A photo says a thousand words and body language speaks volumes. The tension around these brave men had to have been electric.

Our soldiers deserve better than Obama. They deserve our thanks and praise for doing a difficult job, made nearly impossible by the idiot in the White House.

Thank you for your service, members all!

Source: Conservative Tribune


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