The bitty baby Barry threw a mantrum over if Japan. Yep. He proved himself, yet again, to be the man-child brat toddler we all know him to be. What set off the fecal storm this time?

A question from a report during a press conference during his non-apology apology tour of the Asian nation. In other words, one of his final tax-payer funded vacations.

While answering some pointless questions and giving equally pointless pabulum answers to the hungry press, he offered up dessert—he would take one more question from the press pool. Welcome to the stage the only reporter in the room with a spine! 

The reporter dared ask about the Hillary Clinton 4-dead-in-Benghazi email scandal. Obama’s dagger-eyed transparent answer was,

“You know I take it back.  I’m not taking another question. We’re in Japan, don’t you have something to do with Asia that we want to talk about?”

He followed in up with a dismissive chuckle, to which the rest of the Obamgasmic press snickered.

“I’ll be talking about this in Washington the whole time. I’ve already said a lot on those issues. I think these are better direct to the campaign.”

Campaign? Campaign?!

Mr. President, your hand-picked Secretary of State oversaw the deaths of 4 Americans and could not bothered to send help. She conducted governmental business via a server in a bathroom in nowhere-Colorado.

This is not a “campaign” issue. This is a failure on the part of the President of the United States to do his fricking job and protect the people of this nation.

Be they 4 people trapped in Libya and abandoned by his employee, or the rest of the millions of us who he can’t be bothered with because he too busy selling nukes to Iran and allowing guns to be run to drug cartels.

The entire nation needs to hold a block party when Obama finally exits the White House for good.

He is an embarrassment on-par with none.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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