United States Coast Guard Rear Admiral William D. Lee ought to be every Christian’s hero right now. The man has stood up to the Obama-machine and has stated, in the most eloquent of ways, to step-off.

In response to being told that they, like other service branches were to stop handing out Bibles, Admiral Lee said no, because our men and women,

“…are willing to put their lives on the line. In so doing they endure stresses that the average American would never know.” He is so right, and we should all be so very grateful.The Coast Guard, under Lee’s watch will not be checking their “religion at the door.” 

He has had the experience of;

“…looking into the face of a young man, 20-something years old, who had 18 months before put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger and survived.

When I looked at that young man and I heard his story, the rules say send him to the chaplain. My heart said, give this man a Bible.”

He is now a target of the Obama Administration, like many military greats we have seen taken down of late. He, like a faithful Christian soldier, is willing to take what comes.

“The lawyers tell me that if I do that, I’m crossing the line. I’m so glad I have crossed that line so many times.”

God Bless Admiral Lee.  You are to be lifted up in prayer.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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