Obama, in his ever infinite wisdom and with all due respect paid to the guy's abilities to redirect the world’s attention to any of the three rings in his circus act, has declared to the world that,

“Today, thanks to strong principled American leadership, that’s the world that we’ll leave to our children, a world that is safer and more secure, more prosperous and more free.”


The part he forgot, is that thanks to his lack of principled American leadership, the world we will likely be leaving to our children is one of the caliphate, indentured servitude and slavery.

Let’s give it up for B.O.

“In the past seven years, we’ve transformed the United States into the global leader in fighting climate change.”


How lame. How embarrassing. This is the heralded cry of victory from the leader of the free world. This is what he sees as his greatest achievement.

Not the safety of our nation, not defeating our terrorist enemy, not righting our economy. Nope. None of those. The fact that he can regulate your thermostat and dictate your light bulbs is his victory lap.

Why he isn’t celebrating his coup d’état of America in general is what is confusing. You would think that the seizure and destruction of the fabric of America, our Constitution, the peoples’ rights, would be what he would celebrate.

But, being that he is by no means arrogant and narcissistic enough to think he is capable of changing a nation when he can only change global climate would be over stepping a bit, right?

What a moron.

Source: CNS News



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