The epitaph of this fight might be "NYC vs. Arizona: Arizona WINS BIG". A thug who proudly proclaims he's from New York City decided to pick on the wrong person. An altercation at a convenient store escalates quickly as the hooligan clearly thinks he is one tough customer. He walks to the camera and says "Record that! I’m out here, I’m from New York and I’m out here and I’m by myself!". He must be feeling really good about his chances. Moments later the thug makes his move and takes a swing at one of the other men he has been berating. It doesn't take long for the thug to be laid out in the parking lot. He couldn't handle one of these guys let alone the other.

Please note graphic language and fighting:

If you are going to act the part of a tough guy from the big city you might want make sure you are able to back it up before picking on these Arizona truck drivers.

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