“What do we want?” “Dead Cops!” “When do we want it?” “NOW!”

Police protestors marched through NYC chanting for more dead cops. The mainstream media of course continue to depict the protestors as peaceful citizens. And they continue to show Al Sharpton, the leader of these protests, as a kind of modern day MLK.

But the sad fact is that not only has Al Sharpton inflamed racial tensions leading to the deaths of two police officers, but this is not the first time he has done this. Al Sharpton has a long history of blatantly racist rhetoric and inciting violence. In fact several of his past protests have ended with innocent blood on his hands. (See our story Is Al Sharpton A Racist - The Evidence Says Yes)

Please pass this video along to your friends. Also sign our petition asking Obama to acknowledge Al Sharpton’s racism and stop using him as a white house advisor.

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