Perhaps her uncle is looking down inspiring her, or maybe Alveda King, the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., realizes that the work this great Civil Rights leader lived and died for has been highjacked by a band of unruly activists intimidating others, and committing acts of violence and pretending its civil obedience.

Alveda King has seen first hand through her uncle how one goes about changing the hearts and minds of people, and disrupting campaign events shouting and assaulting innocent people on highways, isn’t going to get it.

Appearing on the Neil Cavuto show King spoke out on the disruptive tactics used by this mob, saying “You know, our good friend, Sheriff Clarke, said the other day a lot of this disruption is designed to distract,” she said. “And if you have enough strife or confusion, people can’t think. They just panic or get swept away or what’s happening now and there are real issues impacting America, the whole world…”

The most recent instance came earlier this week when a group of the marauding pack of “Black Lives Matter” agitators once again disrupted a presidential campaign event, this time it was the GOP candidate Jeb Bush who was in their crosshairs.

Do you agree with what King has to say in this clip?

If so please share this with family and friends. The BlackLivesMatter movement is insulting to everyone.

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