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Somebody with political “authority” finally said what we are all thinking;

Obama is nuts.

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, calm, cool, and collected lighting rod that he is, said;

“The President of the United States may be the most dangerous president in national security terms in American history.”

Ya think?

Gingrich went on to say, the Obama, well, “He lives in a fantasy world,” when it comes to Russia, the Middle East, Libya, and his rabid goal to bring potential terrorists into this country under the guise of “Syrian refugees.”

It’s a good bet most of us have been thinking this for a long time.

Clinton, for her part is no different.

How about we add John Kerry to the mix, the entire Democrat party, and a good chunk of the Republican Party who have led our nation down the rabbit hole of insanity?

Source: mrcTV


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