She’s blond, she’s outspoken, she’s smart, she’s an anchor, she’s sassy, and she’s not Megyn Kelly. She’s Tomi Lahren the anchor of On Point with Tomi Lahren a One America News Network.

Lahren a younger version of the highly respected and acclaimed anchor of “the Kelly Files, did her own branding of President Obama with a powerful monologue excoriating President Obama for not affirming the attack in Chattanooga was the result of “radical Islam” and not “workplace violence.”

Lauren continued;  “Four United States Marines are now dead, Climate change didn’t kill them. “Lack of free community college didn’t kill them. The income gap, wage inequality, nope, not those things either. Gay marriage? Nope. Oh, white racism? Not that either. So what did?”

She continued steely eyed looking directly to the camera: President Obama; if you won’t say it, I will: radical Islam. This is not workplace violence. This is not a criminal act with motives unknown. This is terrorism. The suspected shooter, Muhammad Abdulazeez, a devout Muslim. Do I care that he seemed like an all American young man? Do I care that he was good at mixed martial arts or a smart, quiet guy? Do I care that his high school friends wouldn’t classify him as ‘overly religious?’

Lahren continued her “wow moment” saying: Now this is the twenty-first time our military men and women have been attacked here at home. This is not a Middle East problem, this is an American problem, and I’m sorry but I can’t sit here and let this go. Not anymore.

h/t: Western Journalism



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