CNN is often referred to as the “Clinton News Network,” as it makes little secret to being part of the mainstream media’s cheerleading squad for Hillary Clinton in her run for the presidency.

The cable news network has not waivered from its Hillary-friendly reporting even amid the steady drip of revelations about the Democrat candidate’s various questionable activities from her deliberate mishandling of the nation’s diplomatic documents to conducting a cozy partnership between the State Department she headed during President Obama’s first term and her own family’s “charitable” foundation.

But even anchor Brooke Baldwin was taken aback by the revelations in the FBI notes and documents from its July 2 interview with Clinton as part of its year-long investigation into her use of a secret and unauthorized email server.

In fact, Baldwin was so surprised on the air that she was unable to mask her disbelief as members of a guest panel discussing the FBI notes made the stunning statement told her that Clinton aides actually destroyed their boss’s phones with a hammer.

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn appeared on the panel highlighting some of the more damning disclosures from the FBI notes.

“She thought that C, which stands for classified, stood for cookie, or something. She said the reason she used the private server was for convenience, that she only had one device, [but] she used 13 Blackberries … this is somebody who is absolutely disqualified from becoming Blackberries … this is somebody who is absolutely disqualified from becoming president. They destroyed Blackberries with hammers in the State Department!”

“Evan, Evan, Evan… Can you fact check that?” she called out to reporter Evan Perez, who appeared on a split screen.

Then, as the guests continued to talk, she overrode them repeating, “Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on!”

Her voice full of incredulity, Baldwin said, “Hammers? Evan, fact check that for me, on the fly.”

Perez did not need to refer to the printed notes, but ruefully nodded, saying, “Ah… yes, they did, Brooke,” as the anchor stared, speechless in disbelief at the camera.

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