When classifying firearms, you would think that it should be pretty easy to see if a gun is a handgun, a rifle, a shotgun, etc. Well in this case you'd be very wrong. The ATF is having a field day trying to identify what this new very unique firearm is.

Most "tactical" shotguns are outfitted with a standard 18" barrel. This is a big part of why they are having such a hard time decided exactly how to classify this new Black Aces Tactical firearm, that fires 2 3/4" shotgun shells.

Another big reason that the ATF is not able to call this new weapon a "shotgun" is the fact that it is not built with a shoulder stock. By definition, if it is not built with a shoulder brace in the original design it cannot be classified as a shotgun by the ATF.

Despite no original should stock design, the gun is in fact more that 26" in length. On top of that, it uses a front grip to cycle through rounds so it can't be classified as a pistol either.

Seeing as it is a "smooth bore" weapon it surely can't be called a rifle either. So it would seem that it can really only be called one thing, just a firearm.

This is great for all of us Second Amendment friends, seeing as it can easily be transferred from person to person with the least amount of legal friction.

All these revolutionary aspects of this gun don't come cheap. The weapon costs a whopping $1,522 per gun.

Legally Armed America reports that after they range tested the weapon they have deemed both extremely accurate and very tactically viable.

It's the perfect size to go into any sort of "bug out bag" or anywhere else really that you might need a compact tactical shotgun-style weapon.

Take a look at the gun in action in the video below.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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