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How does that song go? … let the sun shine in…Something about facing it with a grin, smilers being winners, and frowners being losers. Or something like that.

Well, this little piece of loser “Sunshine”, as she goes by, is another one of the brave black-lives-matter type of protesters. She is out running her mouth, stupidly. Imagine that. Seems to go with the territory of these protesters.

“You see this nappy-ass hair on my head?...That means I am one of those more militant Negroes.”

Negro? Nappy hair? Last time I checked those were offensive racist words.

But, wait! There’s more!

“These redneck mother-f**ckers murdered Sandra Bland because she had nappy hair like me.”

Her hate-filled foul-mouthed, nearly incoherent rant calling for black people with white friends, and white people to die, is beyond the pale. She is a hate-filled idiot moron. She is on the bandwagon of believing the US was enslaving black people for more than 400 years. We have only been a nation for 239 years. Let’s not forget that, in many instances, the Africans had no problem selling their own people into slavery.

She heralds Malcolm X and Farrakhan’s perverse “I have a dream” ideologies that require the eradication of white people. She is a moron and a dangerous one at that. She should not be given a platform or air-time. She should be shunned.

As for Sandra Bland, she hung herself. Nobody did it for her.



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