Sean Hannity has long been a voice of reason and powerful supporter of conservative ideals on the Fox News network.

Recently a Hannity news correspondent asked people outside of an Islamic community center in New York City if they thought that Sharia Law should be considered a higher law than the U.S. constitution.

Sadly, I think at this point we all know what kind of answers we are going to get from the Muslim community who clearly has no regard for the laws of this nation when compared to Sharia Law.

Watch Hannity rip into these ungrateful and un-American Sharia law supporters.

It's clear that Muslims hold Sharia Law in higher esteem than the U.S. Constitution. This has been shown time and again in polls taken of Muslim citizens here in the United States.

Do you think America should ban Sharia Law outright?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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