Sterling Heights, Michigan-9. Islam-0.

That was the final score in the city’s battle over the un-wanted 20,500 square foot mosque that Muslims and the Imam Mohammad Ali Elah had envisioned. When the proposal went before the Sterling Heights planning commission it was voted down 9-0.

The community did not want the mosque, in light of modern-day events, and the rabid spreading of Islam and the Sharia Law that follows, it is easy to understand why.

They did not want to open their community doors to the possibility that Jihadis would form a terrorist network in their town. Michigan, sadly, has been in the news over the years as one of the micro-cell spawning grounds of radical Islam.

In this video clip you will see a crowd of people on the street, and you will see some folks walking down the stairs from a civic building, of sorts. The crowd chants “God bless America” and the people coming down the stairs represent those heralding victory with the crowd, and others  who lost their bid for a mosque.

Naturally, the Imam Mohammad Ali Elah has put on his dis-enfranchised whiny-pants, and said the decision was a bad one;

“I think it is more about ignorance, to be honest with you.”

Sorry, Mo-it is not about ignorance. It is about wising up to the crafty ways that your religious leaders, use our own freedoms against us, to exert your tyrannical theological will, upon America. Not gonna happen in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

The best part, is Mo went for this;

“Looks like Iraq, not USA.”

“I’m very offended that this happened. Doesn’t seem like I’m in Sterling Heights, seem(s) like I’m in Baghdad, that’s not right. I’m afraid too.”

Again, Mo, you are wrong. You can find all the mosques you want in Iraq. So, please feel free to hop a plane and go over there and preach away inside of one, where you can feel “safe.”

Source: Mad World News

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