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There is no denying that America is dealing with the coming violently illogical, maniacal, and tyrranical extremes of the Islamic faith.

Be it demands for Halal foods, to imposition of Sharia Law in places like Hamtramck, MI, the legal framework of the faith is beginning to take shape.

Muslims have now set their sights on Catholic University of America, located in the beltway in the heart of our nation’s capital to take issue with the Christian cross adorning classrooms within.

Shockingly, they find this offensive.

A lawsuit has been brought against CUA by George Washing University Professor, John Banzhaf, who argues that the crosses are “…a human rights violation.”

Clearly the man is clueless. The same professor who finds lack of gender neutral bathroom at CUA to offensive.  So, is Banzhaf a Muslim or just a wack-job who wants attention and is emblematic of the frivolous litigious nature of the American justice system?

Certainly arguing for gender neutral bathrooms and Muslim prayer places are not compatible. In which case, if anything were to rile the fanatical Muslim masses it ought to be him.

This proves that the demands of Muslims have less to do with the Islam faith and are simply all about tyranny.

Let’s pray the CUA does not cave to the idolatry of Professor Banzhaf, because that is all it is.

Source: Breitbart




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