At what appears to be a local motel, a few girls decided to soak up the sun and lay out by the pool in their bikinis. Little did they know that watching them was an outraged Muslim who would have none of this "outrageous" behavior.

The two girls got a lot more than they bargained for when, instead of enjoying a beautiful Florida day, the family had to deal with a couple of outraged entitled Muslims, once again demanding that Americans change their way of life in America.

Things only escalated when the family noticed what one man was holding in his hand.

Luckily, the entire incident was caught on video and posted on social media for the world to see.

The two men were so taken aback by these girls 'upsetting' behavior that they felt they need to act and teach this family a lesson in Sharia law.

Too bad for them this is in fact America where Sharia law has no bearing and we don't have to conform to their every demand.

In case these two nutjobs' screaming wasn't enough, one of them whipped out a taser and began to threaten members of the family with it.

The girls' family members decided to start recording the incident unfolding in front of them.


It's about time that Muslims who come to live in our country start living by our laws and stop trying to make us change our way of life to accommodate theirs.  These people seem to believe they are entitled to impose their cultural values on us, and people like Obama who keep giving into their every request only exacerbate this issue.

This is America. We wear what we want, we eat what we want, and we have the freedom to say whatever we feel. If they don't like it then they can get out!

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Source: Mad World News


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