Probably a decade ago, what the young Muslim woman in this video has to say would have been jaw-dropping and rendered the average listener speechless.

Unfortunately, this is 2015, and we are at war with radical Islam. This young Muslim woman’s diatribe, refusal to condemn terrorists, and manner of dress indicate that she is among the radicalized Muslim youth in American.

David Horowitz (Editor-in-Chief, NewsReal Blog), had the opportunity to engage the young woman while speaking at the University California, San Diego.

She was selected to ask a question of Mr. Horowitz and after some patronizing statements identified herself as a member of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the very organization Horowitz was there to discuss because of their upcoming annual campus event; “Hitler Youth Week.”

She asked Horowitz to define the connection between MSA and Jihad terrorist networks. To which Mr. Horowitz asked her if she would condemn Hamas.  Indignantly, she asked if she was being asked to put herself “on a cross.”

Nice touch, eh?

Well, despite being told that MSA is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, she would not condemn Hamas.

Mr. Horowitz goes on to tell a story about a recent talk he gave at UC Santa Barbara and an exchange with the President of their MSA, who when asked to condemn Hezbollah said it was “complicated.” So, Horowitz presented the President with the following;

“I’m a Jew. The head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally.”

He then returns his attention to Ms. MSA and asks “For it or against it?”

She looks him square in the eye, leans into the mike and coldly says;

“For it.”

Source: Qpolitical


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