Brian Anker is a caring father who wants what every father would want for their son, to keep them safe and prepare them for life in the world. That's why when his 13-year-old son was brutally assaulted out of the blue by a swarm of four Muslim migrants he decide that enough was enough took matters into his own hands.

When Brian learned that his son was attacked by a group of Islamic thugs taking refuge in his country, Denmark, he tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, after he saw the video of the vicious attack he couldn't hold back his rage anymore and he knew he needed to take action.

He wanted to make sure that this sort of thing never happened to anyone ever again and made a point to exposes these Islamic refugee thugs and the type of violence and chaos that they are bringing to the Western countries offering them refuge.

Once you watch the video you'll know exactly why just simple revenge wasn't enough for Brian Anker, he needed to warn the world.

In order to warn the world about the savagery that these migrants are capable of Anker posted the video to Facebook and it went viral almost immediately.

Anker says that the cause behind the senseless violence from these migrants is the simple fact that they have no intention of assimilating into the countries that they have moved to.

Anker even reached out to the authorities at the local mosque as well as the Somali cultural association in an attempt to bring down tensions and stop the violence, but this proved to be futile.

Express reports that the outraged dad said,

"Our children should be able to walk safely around on the street. Therefore, I have chosen to tell the police, as I have shared it on Facebook. It hurts the heart. It can not be true that you can not even send your kid out and ‘play’ on a Friday night."

Anker explained that he hopes that authorities can "get hold of these kids so they can be helped before they are over 15 and end up in prison." Although that may be where these thugs belong, especially when considering the frightening rumor that these Muslims may have created a "hit list," and they plan on beating the rest of the kids on the list when school begins.

This father had tried and tried again to give these migrants the benefit of the doubt and seek to disarm the situation diplomatically, but it is apparent to him that they want no part of it. It's safe to say that he has had way more patience with these thugs than many other parents would have.

He has now made it his mission to expose the truth behind these migrants and what they want. They have no interest in respecting the customs and people of the countries that have so graciously opened their doors and offered them a new home.

They would rather attack those who live there and try to impose Sharia law on the country offering them refuge.

Anker says that they are damaging his country of Denmark. "Enough is enough. We have to stand together and fight what is happening around us."

This sort of brutal unprovoked violence is exactly what we have to look forward to in America if Hillary Clinton is elected. She has said that she plans to increase the Islamic migration into our country by 550% of Obama's proposed plan. Many say that this push back against refugee immigration is discrimination or 'racist' but the fact is that it due to this type of violent behavior and the constant refusal to assimilate and even impose their own beliefs and ideals on the countries that they migrate to that serves as a very compelling argument against further immigration.

Please share this on Facebook and show the type of violence that we open ourselves up to if Hillary gets her way!

Source: Mad World News


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