Islamists are bred without an ounce of humility. They are born with a superiority complex and it is a wonder they don’t kill each other.

Oh wait. They do.

Having no limits to their imperialistic attitude, this Danish Muslim, wannabe Jihadist, went on national television and threated an on-the-street reporter outside of a refugee center.

Pamela Gellar, pro-American and Jihad expert reports that the Muslim man asked the reporter,

“What the f*** are you doing?!”, and “Shut the f*** up.”

If you watch closely, you will see the Muslim begin to get physically aggressive with the reporter. This after the reporter attempts to get the Muslim thug to back-up out of his personal space and out of the camera shot.

Again it is unclear what the reporter said, but the look on his face and his body language indicates the Muslim was asked to step-off. That did not go over so well because the Muslim thug shoves him a bit.

We are all very aware of the issues that the Danish government is having with respect to the Islamic cancer intruding on their nation.

The Danes are at the mercy of this group of “refugees” who are running around threatening people, raping people, and killing people, all the while getting away with it.

Denmark has lost control, and this news report is just another example of what the people are facing, and it is wholly the fault of their government.

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