“I will kill 10 of you then I will go!” Actions under normal conditions usually “speak louder then words” provided there isn't a long list of incidents that makes those chilling words a real possibility and that this Muslim loon may attempt to put his words into action.

In that we've already witnessed what the ‘Muslim beast” is capable of doing, therefore the ‘beast” must then be taken at his word, and in this case the “best” is an Afghan migrant who has threatened to kill people and “eat humans.”

The disturbing video captures this Muslim loon on a bus in Sweden embroiled in a heated conversation with an elderly man, and ranting about “pedophile” and the war in Afghanistan, and then makes that chilling threat of killing 10-people, and ending his comments with “it is important to take lives.”

The Afghan man is asked why he came to Sweden if he despises the country, to which he replies that he is only critical of Europeans.

Obviously this Muslim loon isn't aware that Sweden is a European Country, the rant continues about Jews and his hate for Europeans.

And while this 23-year old loon may just be making an idle threat, there’s always that likelihood that he may put those chilling words into action…like it or not this guy is a Muslim with an attitude.

h/t: Daily Mail


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