One ungrateful Muslim migrant has proven to the country that no matter how many chances he is given he and his family are just not willing to Assimilate into the culture of their new American home. The man in question has just been arrested, again, and the bail has been set at $2,000,000. If his behavior and track record wasn't enough to show that he really doesn't belong here then his family's sickening actions in the courtroom surely do the trick.

Ahmed Alshami, 37-year-old Arab immigrant shop owner has been arrested for a multitude of offenses in the area around Buffalo, New York. Alshami is fairly well known for his violent anti-American rhetoric and is no stranger to dealing with the law.

His most recent offense has landed him with charges having to do with misuse of food stamps, criminal use of a public benefit card, and criminal possession of Public Benefit Cards.

But that's not all. Alshami has also been accused of having broken into the surrounding rental property and stolen heaters and cupboards in addition to other reportedly stolen objects.

Alshami has been caught paying EBT card holders cash for their EBT cards at around half of face value. In return these EBT card (food stamp) holders would go into places like Sam's club to buy groceries and other items that Alshami would then resell in his IGA store.

Instead of seeing what a scumbag Alshami was his wife and daughter blew up in the courtroom when Alshami's charges were read allowed and his bond set. The turned directly to the camera to give America an ungrateful Muslim apology for their family member's crimes.

The two gave the camera the middle finger and said, "You happy now? F**k you all. F**k you America."

They must think that it's our fault that Alshami took advantage of the poor and stole from the taxpayers.

By now they should really start to learn to take responsibility for one's actions. This isn't Alshami's first offense or even his second or third.

Authorities say that Alshami has been arrested at least ten separate times for offenses that range from assault to drug charges.

It's easy to see where Alshami's family learned their deplorable behavior from. Buffalo News reports that Alshami received a lot of criticism from the local community for allowing drug activity to go on around his store.

He didn't take it lightly however and made a violent and overly aggressive Facebook post to the community Facebook page.


He made sure to include a lovely photo of himself along with the post to show how he really felt. In the picture you can see him flipping off the camera which was most likely held by his delinquent family.

"We will stay open regardless of what you want! So f**k all of you!" The aggressive post reads.

He made sure to end the post with some more a few more kind words, "Long live the Arabs! And long stay the Arab stores! We are gonna stay here! And make this money! So try to shut us down! Let’s see how far you’ll get!"

The local community are sick and tired of the American-hating store owner and just after the Facebook post was made somebody attempted to set the store on fire.

The flame went out before taking down the whole building.

One resident who has lived in the neighborhood for years explains that they troublesome activity started just after Alshami and his wife purchased the store. "They say the community never helped them, but they have been so negative from the beginning," said long time resident Colleen Russell. "It was … ‘We’re going to do what we want.’ It’s sad to see this happen this way. They seem to have a distorted view of what freedom in America means."

It's time that ungrateful and dangerous migrants like these get out of the country that the clearly hate so much. If they can't assimilate and only insist that we hand them everything and bend the rules for them while continue to cause trouble and create chaos then they should be kicked right out. I'm sure they won't be missed.

Source: Mad World News

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