A video was posted online that has made its rounds and is now going viral. The video captures one of the major issues that countries are facing as more and more Muslim migrants continue to flood the borders and spread throughout the country. The video captures a Muslim man approaching a woman and letting her know exactly how he feels about her wardrobe choice.

The video was shot in Rotterdam, Netherlands back in July of last year but the issue seen in the video are all too relevant. The man in the video sees a woman, who he feels is not being as modest in her outfit as she should. He approaches the woman and decides to have a little talk with her.

The Muslim man started the conversation with a friendly "you-dress-like-a-whore" hello. Naturally, this didn't sit well with the woman and she quickly became agitated with the aggressive migrant.

She didn't realize that the incredibly insulting greeting was just the beginning. As soon as she began to argue back with the man, the angry Islamist erupted.

You can see the entire video below:

The Muslim man unleashed a brutal assault on the woman while cowards nearby just stood and watched.


There's reason this video has come back up online and is making its rounds once again. People are concerned and don't want to see this happen to them. Luckily, Trump seems to have the right idea when it comes to how to handle the Muslim immigration issue.

This vicious assault is just another example of why we can't just let in any and every migrant that wants to come into our country. Too often do these people come in, try to change our way of life, disrespect the rules and laws, and do damage to our property and our people. That's not the type of person that we should be letting in under Trump's government.

Source: Mad World News

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