When you are dealing with someone so wrapped up in blood thirst it stands to reason that a simple statement of greeting in fellowship would go over the head of a radical Muslim.

Unfortunately, it is only the radical fanatics of the Islam faith that anybody hears from or about.  One Imam has found his vocal platform among the left-wing media.

The reasons being, first and foremost, his anti-Christian stance, and second his being of the Muslim faith. 

If he were of the Jewish faith, or the Hindu, or Satanic, having an issue with the “Merry Christmas” greeting would merit not a glance in his direction.

He is Muslim and that is all that matters as the media just about pee themselves to listen and make way across the airwaves for his profound logic.

In complete nonsensical rambling, the good Imam said this about one of two of the most holiest of Christian holidays. The other being the resurrection of Christ celebrated at Easter.

“I dealt with all these issues. You cannot say Merry Christmas! Not even if an alien came and he told you — you cannot even say to him.”

Who knew Muslims believed in space aliens? What a revelation in its own right.

He wasn’t done. Did you know God was born on December 25th?

“And you say Merry Christmas, saying congratulations on your false religion, congratulations on your false understanding of life, you are congratulating them on the most evil of sin,” he went on.

Oh yes, “false understanding of life”… that, of course being belief in wife beating, gang rape of men, in addition to women, child rape, sex slavery, crucifixion, dismemberment, suicide bombings, and apparently little green men, and saying Merry Christmas in honor of the one and only  King of Peace as evil.

Go figure. Better yet, don’t, because as a logical human being you will never arrive at a conclusion.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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