What do you get when you mix one drunken Muslim shouting in the face of one Orthodox Jew...“Go back to Israel?”


Or at the very least a good old fashion brawl, as a wild-eyed and apparently drunken man  arguing with a group of Orthodox Jews outside the Adass Israel Synagogue in Ripponlea, south of Melbourne, on Thursday night.

The minute and a half video captures a man wearing a red shirt, pair of board shorts and no shoes, shouting in the face of a bearded Orthodox Jew ‘Go back to Israel’ and asked ‘Do you want to swear to Allah?”

Repeating this several times he then lunges at the Jewish man and attempts to grab him by the throat; however the group of men, dressed in religious attire, quickly tackled him and pinned his arms and legs to the concrete until police arrived a short time later.

The confrontation apparently began when the man, who was drunk at the time, had been walking with three others towards the nearby train station when he allegedly stole a child’s scooter from outside the synagogue.

He then got into a verbal argument with several Jewish men who came out of the synagogue to question him over the alleged theft.

“You settle down right now. You’ve got booze inside of you, true or not?’ the Jewish Rabbi said in the video.

The man, who repeatedly said he was Aboriginal, started shouting at one of the men: ‘Go back to Israel’ and asked ‘Do you want to swear to Allah?’ And then the fun began!

Watch the video below:

Source: Daily Mail



Muslim Extremist Tries To Strangle Jew At Synagogue, Outcome Of Beatdown Will Surprise You"]
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