Author Dalia Mogahed went on Meet the Press where she made some observations that when looked at objectively, just don't add up.

Namely that the reason for the ever-growing weariness for taking in Muslim refugees is due to the election cycle and not the track record of radicalized militants in their ranks.

Again, she claims this sentiment is due to timing and not because of the terror attacks committed by Muslims, both foreign and domestic. She says it's just a political and campaign phenomena.

Her words are almost insulting to the average person's intelligence. Seriously, she's only pandering to a group of people that already agree with her, liberals.

She goes on to say "white male Christians" are the biggest domestic terrorists according to the FBI, but let's think about that statement for a moment, there are only 7 million Muslims in America at the moment, it would almost statistically impossible for them to commit the MOST acts, but it's the percentage and concentration of radical views in a small population that's the issue.

In the end, she is just another Muslim apologist doing the rounds on TV, letting liberals know everything is OK and nothing to see here, move along please.

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