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Rumors are building about the upcoming military training exercise in the southwestern United States that has been dubbed Jade Helm 15.

While theories regarding the event range as far as a covert mash-up between Walmart and the U.S. Military and troops being prepped to attack and subdue primarily Republican-leaning states, the facts regarding Jade Helm 15 are disturbing.

Jade Helm 15 is a military exercise that will be taking place from July to September of this year and will serve as a training program for members of the Special Forces and the branches of the military.

The exercise will be centered in Texas because of the state's large areas of undeveloped and wild land, however, the facts that the exercise is for such an extended period of time and that Texas is a definitely right-leaning state line up a little too close for comfort.

It makes sense that the military would need to sharpen the saw a little by undergoing ground exercises. The Navy has mock sea encounters all the time and other branches of the military could benefit from similar activities.

But the buildup of troops, weapons, and vehicles is disturbing. Perhaps the military could perform their exercises sans vehicles, or maybe we could rent some of Canada's unpopulated land and stage Jade Helm there. That might be fun.

Here is a video showing equipment being shipped in to the Texas area:

This shows equipment being moved on our highways:

Footage of massive exercise in Florida:

More video of equipment on trains moving from California:

Footage of increased activity of choppers and military jets:

This is the largest military build up ever reported:

Do you think Obama's special op's are reason for concern?

h/t: TPNN

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