A mother was seen breastfeeding her son in the middle of the day in a very public place. This type of behavior has been seen as controversial to some more opinionated individuals but the real cause for alarm in this scenario is what was unfolding around her while she fed her son.

A group of onlookers noticed the woman and were totally shocked as they looked on and took pictures of the situation playing out in front of them but none of them did anything about it.

The mother had been involved in a motorcycle accident in Brazil in which the motorcycle had been crushed underneath another vehicle. The mother suffered major injuries but her infant child appeared to be unharmed but extremely shaken up.

The woman sat in her own blood surrounded by the wreckage from the crash and decided that her baby's needs far outweighed her own. She braved the pain from her shattered foot and mangled leg so that she could distract her son from the horror around him and calm him down by breastfeeding him.

Nearby onlookers gathered as the woman bravely awaited medical assistance, all the while protecting her baby and keeping him clam. One of the onlookers must have called for medical assistance, while another whipped out a camera and began to record the graphic video.

The Mirror reported another victim bleeding in the background of the video while the rest of the onlookers awaited medical assistance with no attempt whatsoever to help the mother or the other victim on their own.

This mother is truly a brave and caring woman for doing what mothers do best caring for their children without regard for their own safety or wellbeing so long as it means protecting their kids.

When everyone is so up in arms about breastfeeding in public this mother was able to show just how powerful that bond between a mother and her child can be.

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Source: Mad World News


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