This is the kind of stuff, that gives “bad guys” the excuse to be “bad guys”, when those that are dispensing justice simply don’t do their jobs, especially when a young mother is actually sexually assaulted within a court-house by a court marshal something is terribly wrong.

According to reports, Monica Contreras was in family court for a routine divorce hearing when she was ordered into a private room for a drug search. Where she was then sexually assaulted, forced to lift up her shirt and groped by the officers.

No one would imagine with that kind of incident taking place within a court-house, that an immediate investigation would not take place, when this young woman came back noticeably upset. However for whatever reason the judge didn’t believe her, and when the court attempted to force her to retract her allegations, and she refused, she was arrested for making “false allegations.”

Obviously as in all jobs there’s a close relationship that develops between those you’re working in tandem with, and a courtroom is no different between lawyers, judges, clerks, police officers and court marshals.

Later, supporting evidence caused the court marshal to be fired.

However for a sitting judge within his courtroom, to ignore this type of misconduct and actually arrest someone without investigating the incident is simply gross incompetence, and aside from the court marshal being fired, this judge should also be officially reprimanded, and perhaps also removed.

Sources: American News



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