Hillary wants to bring in waves and waves Muslim migrants across our borders and into our country, without a single thought as to the types of consequences that may arise. Well, one Muslim migrant recently showed one of the many 'consequences' that will come out of this massive migration. Too bad for this one migrant, he had to learn the hard way that not all women in this country are so willing to roll over and let these entitled brats do whatever they please.

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An entitled Muslim migrant, the kind Hillary Clinton wants to bring to America in droves, walked to the front of the line at a fast food counter and cut in front of a woman, telling her to “shut up, you f***ing whore” and starting his order. However, he suddenly realized that some women aren’t politically correct liberal snowflakes, and she quickly showed him who’s boss.

Sweden is the progressive utopia of liberal policy. The country’s population shot up from 8 to 9 million with immigration alone, most coming from Muslim-majority countries. Now that the once booming tourist destination is flooded with asylum seekers, 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped by the migrant minority. However, there’s at least one woman who won’t be getting sexually assaulted by an illegal migrant anytime soon.

Face of a Dying Nation uploaded amateur footage of a typical run-in with Sweden’s poor refugee “children.” Keep in mind that these are the same “unaccompanied minors” Hillary has promised to welcome in by more than 1 million in her first term alone — the same amount that has made Sweden “the rape capital of the West.”

In the clip, published by Information Liberation, a young Muslim migrant brazenly cuts in front of the line of customers waiting at a food vendor. When the woman at the front makes it clear that she’s not going to let him get away with it, he immediately berates and threatens her, getting in her face as his companions laugh.

“Shut up!” the migrant orders, invoking his racist nature by claiming, “I urinate on people like you.”

“Go back,” the woman boldly responds. “Go back to your damned country. It’s me who lives here!”

As soon as the vendor backs the female customer by telling the migrant to go to the back of the line, the woman repeats the order, boldly screaming in his face and refusing to stand down. She even grabs him by the collar and shoves him backward, At this point, the cowardly migrant realizes that she’s not one of the leftist apologists he’s used to intimidating into getting his way.

The migrant tries one last time to not look like a gutless pushover in front of his friends, pathetically mumbling, “Shut up, you f***ing whore” before backing away from the woman.


It’s incredible to see a woman courageously stand against the oppressive migrants who are making their way into her country only to abuse the benefits, justice system, and innocent civilians. Sadly, there aren’t enough like her at the moment who are willing to risk either being called racist or becoming the target of migrant crime to save Sweden. Through Muslim birth rate, conversion, migration, and terror, Sweden is inevitably headed towards a Muslim majority like the more than 50 other Sharia nations that have fallen in the same way.

After Sweden opened its borders to unfettered migration in the name of multiculturalism in 1975, crime has steadily and disproportionately increased. In 2015, around 480,000 sexual assaults were reported in Sweden. Considering that Swedish woman are prone to not report sex attacks, it’s unimaginable how high the actual number may be.

The same liberals who prided themselves on their tolerance and multiculturalism are finding that they are tolerating the death of their own culture and values. They’ve traded freedom and peace for the world’s most ruthless ideology after falling for the notion that all cultures are created equal.

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Source: Mad World News

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