And so it begins.


Actually it began a long, long time ago in a country far, far away…you know the place; the United States of America.


Our borders are a joke.

They are as wide open as a shopping mall at daybreak on Black Friday.

Illegals stream across the border, disappearing into the masses roaming our nation’s city streets.

The outcry from the public has been very vocal, and the ignoring of the pleas of the American people via cold shoulder, and dismissal has been deafening.

The warnings of would-be terrorists slipping across our borders un-detected, go un-heeded.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch that is Washington, D.C., we are being preached to about how great our immigration vetting system is.

A transparent lie if ever there was one considering we have upwards of 11-Million illegals running around the country god knows where since the awesome system of vetting, registering, and keeping an eye on them has proven itself to be a scamming of the American public.

Just last week five Pakistanis and a lone Afghan were apprehended along the Arizona border. Not only that, but in that same week even more would-be illegal crossings into American were intervened upon.

We shouldn’t fear though, because the vetting of these men checked out. There was nothing bad in the magical bad-guy file that we apparently have on every person in the Middle East.

Similar to that magical bad-guy file that allows for child molesters to live near school, illegals to murder women on the streets of San Francisco, and allows crimes like D.B. Cooper to go unsolved.

Yes, our system of keeping track of bad guys and potentials is fabulous.

Source: Qpolitical


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