During the election last night Fox News' Megyn Kelly couldn't hide her fear as it became increasingly apparent that Trump was indeed going to emerge victorious and win the election. Her downward spiral could all be seen on her face as Trump slowly but surely secured his seat as the next president of the United States.

As the network covered the election her demeanor continued to decline to the point where it even looked as if she was fighting back tears.

This of course is because over the course of the election cycle Trump and Kelly have butted heads on several occasions. Kelly has come after Trump on a number of things that even include calling Donald Trump a "sexual predator." At times it seemed that she had her own personal vendetta against Trump and may have been even leading her own campaign against the Republican candidate.

She seemed to have come after him on every stance and from every position she could, but it didn't seem to work, and her dismay could be seen clearly as the votes were tallied.

Kelly looked incredibly demoralized while the rest of the hosts continued to speak about the likelihood of Trump becoming the next president.

She was probably scared of the concept of having to refer to Trump as "Mr. President" and even having to confront him head on, this time with him seated in the White House.

Her dismay is all too apparent in the video below:

It's clear that Kelly let her emotions take over last night and she clearly forgot what a Trump victory actually means; for one, it's infinitely better than the clear alternative, and secondly, Trump knows what this country needs and knows exactly how to do it.

Kelly should be able to control herself when on national television and it's sad really that she can't see what a win for this country Trump's victory was.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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