Aah… Baltimore, Maryland, or rather Baltimore County. No matter, for this appears to be the home to tranquil and idyllic dreams; utopia on the Atlantic. Not! Maryland is an embarrassment to this nation. For all her once historic glory, it really is too bad the state can’t be excised from the Union and set adrift on the sea, in shame, so as to make it or break, clean up their messes or go the way of the do-do bird.

White Marsh was the scene of a pretty horrific crime. However, you won’t be hearing about it anytime soon, because the murderous psycho was a black man and victims were white. As we know, these are not real crimes, so they go un-reported in the main stream media circles.

Christopher Harrison, Jr., throw back and dead-end branch on the tree of human evolution, decided to douse two white guys in gasoline and set them on-fire. How he managed to subdue and ignite two men is unknown, but needless to say he did. The men are in the hospital recovering from their injuries.

Throwback has been arrested on charges of attempted first-degree murder. Inexplicably, these came with additional charges of second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment. It would seem that murder by incineration would qualify as assault, but reckless endangerment? What do they think he meant to do? Accidentally on-purpose kill them. Seems like attempted murder would suffice, but whatever.

Harrison is not available for comment at the moment, according to the Baltimore Sun. Really? We would all hope he wasn’t, wouldn’t we? What would they ask anyway? “So, Mr. Harrison, tell us about that night, your feelings, and what it was like to light up two white men?” How idiotic of a statement. He is sitting in the county hoosegow and had no attorney, and one can’t imagine why not, right?

This is yet another example of racism in America, not only on the streets, but in newsrooms across the nation.


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