The American Dream…to live in a land whereby your every need is provided for. The price being that you wage is dictated most of it stolen via exorbitant taxes and outrageous fees, forced purchase of healthcare, subsidized crap-housing, and all the other “awesome” things you can imagine.

Oh, wait. That is the North Korean Dream, and the Dreams-From-My-Father-Who-Art-In-Washington-Obama-Be-His-Name.

As pointed out by the utterly brilliant, Mark Levin, who last week said this on his radio program,

“You can’t impose success. You can’t impose living wages. You can’t do any of those things. If you could do those things, the most successful, prosperous, paradisiacal society on the face of the earth would be North Korea. A complete police state, where, of course, they set all of the requirements for the good workers there you know, who are malnourished, who have the crap beaten out of them, who have no future, who are treated inhumanely, who are starving to death, who are on their hands and knees looking for insects to eat, tree roots. No, I have to admit it’s quite equal there. The destitution and misery is equal, unless of course you’re in the military or one of the thugs who runs the country.”

Levin is spot on.

What we are facing in this country is very similar and on the horizon because we have a left-winger in the office of the POTUS, who thinks he can create a utopia out of a similar recipe for disaster.

As if Obama is somehow a different type of dictator. He isn’t. While the beatings have not commenced, we are becoming poorer by the minute, regulated right down to the air we breathe, and witnessing thuggery rise and be heralded.

We have a problem people, because Obama’s Dream is nightmare and we the people need to wake up and get a move on because we are burning what is left of our daylight and slipping further into a terror filled darkness.

Source: CNS News



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