If there exists anyone among us who can wade through the quagmire of senselessness that defines the Middle East in general, ISIS, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and the United States, it is Mark Levin.

While many us sit back and wonder what is going on over there, or mutter to ourselves about the world being on fire, Levin has an incredible gift for getting to the heart of the matter.

With respect to the whole Russia blowing ISIS to kingdom come thing, Levin brings us back to earth with a smack down of a reality check.

For example, according to Levin (11-24-2015);

“Russia has no intention of destroying ISIS. Russia doesn’t care about ISIS. Russia doesn’t care about ISIS at all. They’re there to keep up its client state. They're there to expand its authority or its power or project it in the eastern Mediterranean. Russia hasn’t even tried to knock out ISIS.”

“Now, its propaganda wing, both in Russia and the United States, are putting that out so morons can repeat it that Russia is taking on ISIS. Russia is not taking on ISIS. Russia’s defending its client state.”

If you find yourself in the group of morons, don’t feel bad.

The Islamic State is frightening indeed, and certainly after years of inaction by Obama that have resulted in the world witnessing ISIS’ rise to power, plenty of us are sitting around thinking, well at least somebody’s doing something about them.

Sadly, with recent incursions of Russia along the Turkish-Syria border, and the loss of one of Putin’s fighter jets and pilot, the truth is creeping out into the open; Russia is in this for themselves.

They are building up their own military presence, as is Iran, China, and every other despot that matters on the world stage, and meanwhile, the leader of the free world, Obama, is nowhere to be found, and could not be bothered anyhow.

Where does that leave us? As sitting ducks under the rule of a lame duck who is the most powerful lame duck there ever was.

A lame duck who holds the nation’s and world’s safety hostage, the ransom of which is, in part; “he’s [Obama’s] slashing our military spending. And unless we get two dollars more for food stamps we don’t get two dollars more for the United States military.”

Source: CNS News

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