If it’s one thing Marines know from the moment they enter boot camp, is that every Marine depends on every other Marine, it’s instilled from the moment they awake, to the moment they crawl back into their rack,  and eventually drilled into their D&A.

This video simply illustrates how Marines react to those that have earned their respect and their loyalty.

The obvious contrast needs no additional embellishment from me, other than to reduce the sound when President George Bush enters the hall, and of course the stark silence when Obama enters

And while there are some that may have disagreed with Bush’s policies, however there is no disagreement that this man is beloved by the military and those that serve, and there’s no ambiguity no hesitation in his admiration for the troops.

Contrast that with Obama’s rigid almost wooden approach as he greets the troops, is it any wonder why this so-called Commander-In-Chief’s approval rating is 15% among active duty military personal.

Semper Fidelis" signifies the dedication that individual Marines have to "Corps and country," and to their fellow Marines. It is a way of life. Said one former Marine, "It is not negotiable.

It is not relative, but absolute...Marines pride themselves on their mission and steadfast dedication to accomplish it." And they know a phony when they see one!

Source: Tea Party



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